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Expert Witness Referral Services

Expert Strategy Group Expert Witness Referral Service. 

Expert Strategy Group offers law firms and insurance companies a superior expert witness referral solution tailored to extremely specific litigation requirements. 

Let our expert witness recruitment team and our in-house technology platform handle all of the details in finding the right expert witness for your next legal case, so you don't have to.

Our professional network of experts include (hard to find) leading global industry executives, PhD’s, senior managers, process and product experts, scientists, technical and materials experts and supremely qualified professionals across all industries.

How our referral service works  

You set the criteria, we find the expert.

Contact us with information about the potential expert you are in need of. We will get working for you, right away, by thoroughly communicating important litigation specifics to potential experts, addressing possible conflicts, and assuring we have the most up to date CV information from the expert, prior to presenting a qualified expert to you.

Save time and money, let our custom tailored referral service get working for you. Easy online ordering. Or contact us to let us start your expert witness referral search, right away.

 Need to retain an expert?


Here are just a few of the categories our referral service offers: accident, accounting, automotive, aviation, biomechanics, business, chemical, construction, dentistry, economics, employment, engineering, failure analysis, finance, firearms, hazardous materials, hotel, insurance, intellectual property, machinery, marketing, medical, nursing, pharmacology, product liability, psychology, real estate, security, toxicology, technical, transportation, valuation, warnings.

The content and links on are intended for general information purposes only. Any legal content and links on our website should not be construed as legal or professional advice or a substitute for expert witness advice. Expert Strategy Group is not a law firm.  If you require legal or professional advice, contact an attorney or other suitable professional advisor.  

Our company is an expert witness referral service for attorneys and insurance companies for professional legal actions.  ESG does not answer legal questions nor are we an attorney referral service. If you are an individual seeking an expert on behalf of your attorney, your attorney will need to contact us and place an expert request with our company.